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Our Quality


Quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

For us, client satisfaction and the quality of our advice are our top priority. With our certified quality management system, we continuously review our in-house processes with the aim of continuously increasing our performance and quality of results. Especially in tax law, with continuous development of the laws and the current case law, we consider a sound advice to be indispensable for a sound quality management. Annual audits by external auditors form the necessary control unit of our system.


DStV quality seal

The DStV quality seal is issued by the German Tax Consultants Association and certifies tax consulting firms that design their processes according to the essential elements of DIN ISO 9001 and beyond according to the industry-specific specifications set by the BStBK, DStV and DATEV. The DStV quality seal is intended to enable law firms to demonstrate with reasonable organisational effort and manageable costs that the law firm meets a uniform high quality standard throughout Germany. At the same time, the preparation for the DStV quality seal gives the firm the opportunity to identify potential for improvement and streamline processes.


3 TOP Tax Advisor FOCUS-MONEY Awards

For us, in addition to our quality management system, quality assurance also includes thinking outside the box and comparing it with other professional colleagues. For this reason, we have faced the FOCUS-MONEY tax consultant test three times in recent years and have always been awarded as TOP tax consultants in these years. In order to find competent consultants among around 10,000 tax experts contacted, FOCUS-MONEY initiated a test together with project manager Ulf Hausmann and auditors.

In an empirical survey, the scientific director Ulf Hausmann put the competence and specialization of tax advisors to the test. In addition to the qualifications of consultants and staff, the experts were also interested in regular training measures. The FOCUS-MONEY test also required the know-how of tax professionals in terms of specialization and industry knowledge. The testers also wanted to know whether the consultants offer their clients financial planning, controlling and cost accounting as an instrument of corporate management.

The sales development of the last few years was also important to the testers. Points were also awarded if the firm was equipped with an ISO 9000 quality seal. The use of digital communication channels was also queried and evaluated. The evaluation is based on the own information provided by the law firms. In addition to the questions of the project manager, auditors also provided 24 tricky technical questions on tax details.


Digital DATEV Tax Office

With the Digital DATEV Tax Office label, DATEV eG honours innovative tax consultancy firms that achieve a high digitisation rate in their way of working. DATEV eG awards the Digital DATEV Tax Firm label to innovative tax consultancy firms that achieve a high digitization rate in the way they work The DATEV eG awards the label to firms that stand out through consistent digital cooperation with their clients. Using defined criteria, the cooperative uses software to check the degree of digitization in the areas of accounting, taxes and wages. These criteria change every year, which is why the tax consulting firms have to constantly go through this process. The Digital DATEV Tax Firm label thus also guarantees that the relevant offices are up to date when it comes to digitization.


Consultant in international tax law

Due to the complexity of tax law and the high technical requirements for the tax advisor, specialisation in certain fields of expertise and activities is becoming increasingly important. The introduction of the specialist adviser made it possible for tax consultants to specialise in certain areas of tax law with an official title. This not only strengthens tax advisors in competition with other professions, but also creates an additional opportunity to establish themselves in the market.


The official award ensures that the tax advisor who holds the title of consultant has proven above-average theoretical and practical knowledge in the respective field of expertise. Consumers can therefore rely on the high quality standard guaranteed by the term "tax advisor". Since the above-mentioned specialist adviser titles are officially awarded by the Chambers of Tax Advisors, they may also be used as an addition to the professional title.


Consultant for Mediation (DStV e.V.)

The profit and loss account does not include conflict costs. If so, many entrepreneurs would see how much they could cost. Conflicts in the economy are indispensable. Treated constructively, they ensure positive changes and further developments in companies. However, if the parties to the conflict fail to deal with solutions and interests, this leads to economic consumption of values and prevented added value, depending on the degree of escalation, the importance of the conflict issues for the individual parties and the spread of the conflict field through coalition formation. Mediation can help. Mediation is a conflict resolution process that is successfully used in the economy in a wide range of conflicts and at many stages of escalation.

Education and dual studies

We offer our young talents an education in a varied and future-proof profession with many career opportunities for advancement. Our junior staff can achieve this goal by means of a classic vocational training or in a part-time or dual Bachelor or Master program. For example, our firm is a coorperation partner of the Frankfurt University of Applied Science for the dual course of study in tax theory.

Our tax adviser Mrs. Christel Götz has been a volunteer member of the examination board for prospective tax assistants for many years and thus actively supports the training of our young professionals, not only in our firm.

The further training of our employees is also important to us. In addition to many in-house seminars on current tax law, we offer our employees the opportunity to further their professional development, for example, to become a certified payroll accountant, fibutronic specialists, tax specialists, accountants or tax consultant.

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